Cobi Lodge

{Why Not?} has an incredible new living room set for you at the Mainstore. This set is grouped together as a 5 piece set but you can of course, move each piece to decorate your home however you like or mix these pieces with others from this Designer to make your home or furnished area even more welcoming and exciting. This set somes with an L shaped couce, a regular couch, a chair, an ottoman and a rectangular rug. The couches and chairs all have perfectly placed pillows and draped blankets on them for that added touch of class in your decor. The chair has two bento scenes, one for women and one for men. There are also 4 male poses, 5 female poses, 2 drink poses that give attachments, and 2 reading poses, one for men and one for women. The ottoman has 8 female poses, and 5 male poses. The regular couch has 6 female poses, 7 male poses, 4 reading poses, 3 drinking poses, 4 laptop poses, and 13 couples poses. The L-Shape couch has 7 male poses, 8 female poses, 7 drink poses, 3 friend poses, and 11 couples poses.

Full Credits & Links

Background Building: Trompe Loeil – Cobi Lodge – Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not?} Roybridge Sofa-Cream Leather – Mainstore
L Shape Couch: {Why Not?} Roybridge Chase Sofa-Cream Leather – Mainstore
Chair: {Why Not?} Roybridge Armchair-Cream Leather – Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not?} Roybridge Rug/Cream Leather Set – Mainstore
Ottoman: {Why Not?} Roybridge Ottoman-Cream Leather – Mainstore
Large Leaf Tree: dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree – Mainstore
Short Tree: dust bunny . potted dragon tree – Mainstore
Large Palm Tree: dust bunny . potted palm – Mainstore
Fine Palm Tree: dust bunny . areca palm plant – Mainstore
Blankets: Included With Furniture
Words: {Why Not?} Roybridge Leather Sofa Set-Cream – Mainstore
Fireplace: Included With Cobi Lodge