I have been a model since early 2018 and I have had so many ups, downs, sideways, and other things you could imagine. I’ve spent much of my time competing and doing contests and various other forms of modeling from one end of the spectrum to the other. I have had good experiences and some pretty bad ones. A harsh realization that I have come to in the modeling world, is that there are very few people who will tell you how it is, or who will be in your corner when stuff goes south. After getting some very sound advice from a pretty amazing couple of ladies, I decided to not only use my blog for promoting my sponsors but I am also going to use it to help other models. Not only will I share safe places for you to go and strut your stuff but I’ll share information to new models including outfits, elevating old to new, and give explanatory details on how I achieved every look, what goes into it and a detailed behind the scenes peek into my experiences in competitive modeling and other avenues of the industry. I see so many models walk away in shock and disappointment from the dishearting reality that the competition is rigged or they were belittled or put down on the runway by announcers, spoken about in a bad way, or pushed to the side for a model, who even someone outside the fashion world can see doesn’t know fashion or a runway from a hole in the ground but still soars. It can be brutally disheartening and hard on the model’s self-esteem. I hope to help new and seasoned models to have the mindset that, as hard as it is to be ridiculed and pushed down you will survive it and it will make you stronger. If the company you are working for, competing for, or whatever it may be is treating its models that way, especially when it is obvious, they do NOT deserve your time and they don’t deserve your brand/face to represent them because you ARE better than them and you are better than that. It’s hard to swallow but it’s true, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Never be afraid to just walk away. Never be afraid to have a voice. No model is Queen B, No Model is the best of the best because we all bring different things to the table. There is no model royalty so if you come across a higher than everyone, the all-mighty model who thinks their say in SL modeling is gods word because they have this in or that in, or they’ve been around forever and this is how it is, never be afraid to say thanks but no thanks. In my personal experience, many of those “seasoned old-timer” models are typically one of the worst to work with and the worst to be judged by because their ego is so highly inflated there’s no room left for decent models on the runway and they often feel the need to beat down a good “newer” model to make themselves look good or feel better about their inability to rock a runway anymore. As Models, we all need to band together and work together. We are all here for the same reasons and we all are unique and should be proud of what we have to offer. Don’t let anyone tell you any different or put yourself down to boost some click group of people’s ego. If all models thought of themselves as equal and unique to each other, this industry would soar so high and become an amazing thing in Second Life. Because that is a reality we will never see, just hang in there and do you. Remember you have a voice and it is okay to use it. We won’t always like what our fellow models style but we can at least appreciate the concepts and keep the crap insults to ourselves. We are all beautiful whether you are tall and skinny or shorter and thicker. YOU are amazing