MADD MODELZ, founded on April 27, 2018 by RedJess Rowley. After starting in Second Life®’s Fashion industry in 2011, Red began building a following of people that wanted to be the best at their styling craft in Second Life® Fashion. After several years in other groups, MADD MODELZ was born!

MADD MODELZ is an inclusive group. We believe in the culture of fairness above all with the expectation of bringing only the best to our events. We support and help all that want to be their best versions of themselves in the fashion industry in Second Life®. We live to show experiences that are only the best. Our key players include:

  • Founder & CEO – RedJess Rowley
  • Model Manager – Cassie Nikolaidis (cacilia.mcmasters)
  • Music & Video Managers – Petina Auer, Mercie Firehawk, Jackson Redstar & Pia Klaar
  • Ghost Mentor & Model – Wicca Merlin

Feel free to contact Red or Cassie if you have questions, or are interested in bringing something to the MADD MODELZ team.  We are always open to new ideas, collaborations, and including people that want to contribute actively on making Second Life® Fashion fun.

We are the strongest, consistently active, dedicated and multi-talented group of professionals in the Second Life® fashion industry on the grid.  We are constantly evolving and growing with the needs of people in Second Life® fashion, creating experiences in Second Life® that make people smile.

We produce events that include (but are not limited to): Fashion Shows, Balls, Styling contests, parties of all sizes and themes, and more! We are supported by some of the biggest Second Life® creators and we appreciate them all like family.

After listening to the needs of fashionistas, stylists, creators, agency owners, and fashion group owners, in 2019, The MADD Fashion & Events INFO-HUB came to life in Second Life®.  A repeat Linden Lab® destination, you can find access to all active shopping events for fashion, as well as fashion castings, shows, parties and sales and so much more!