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{Why Not ?} has something extra special for you at the Secret Garden Event. This is a gacha event, though I am still learning myself how the new gachas work, from what I understand is you get to actually have a preview of what you’re getting now before you get it and then it randomly selects the next prize and you buy that and so on. So, with that being said, I also did my best to put in (brackets) in my credits, the number of everything available for you to get your hands on from this set, there’s a lot! There’s also a good possibility I may have messed up some of the numbers though so if I have, I apologize way in advance lol. So, this is truly one heck of a set, especially for those who aren’t really ones to want to decor an entire room because lucky for you, this deisgner has done it all for you! you get absolutely everything you need to turn your home into something truly stunning. THe detail from this designer, which if you’ve seen my other posts, is just incredible, very realistic, which I know for me personally, is a huge sell when I buy products for my house. The couch has 7 Female poses, 7 Male poses, 3 Friends poses and 5 couples poses. The chair has 13 Female poses and 12 Male poses. The ottoman has 10 Female poses and 7 Male poses. The floor cushions have 3 Female poses and 3 Male poses. So get your clicker fingers ready so you can get over to the event when it opens, I’m giving you lots of notice! ?

Secret Garden Event: November 1st – November 30th

Full Credits & Links

Background: BBX CALM HOME – UnFurnished – Mainstore
Tissue Box: ACORN Tissue Box -Gold – Mainstore
Sleeping Cat: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Cat Nap Decor (13) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Stack of books: dust bunny . book pile – Mainstore
Food tower: .: vive nine :. Delicate Snacks Tray – Mainstore
Bag: Nutmeg. Disarray Bag w/ Papers Beige – Mainstore
Laying Dog: [Rezz Room] Basset Hound Puppy – Mainstore
Sitting Dog: [Rezz Room] Shiba Inu Adult – Mainstore
Basket: dust bunny . dreamy outing . blanket basket – Mainstore
Chair: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Arm Chair (7) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Ottoman: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Ottoman (8) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Couch: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Sofa (rare) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Book Shelves: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Book Shelf (3&4) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Pictures: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Split Wall Art (11) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Lamps: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Reading Lamp (16) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Side Table: {Why Not ?}Gleneam Side Table (10) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Table Lamp: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Table Lamp (16) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Fur Rug: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Fira Place Rug (14) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Cushion Pile: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Animated Floor Cushions (5) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Plant: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Basket Plant (12) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Coffee Table: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Coffee Table (9) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Side Board: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Side Board (6) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Rug: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Rug (14) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Table Decor Bowl & Bottle: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Table Decor (17&15) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Fireplace: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Fire Place (rare) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Flowers: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Flowers (14) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Giraffe Plant: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Giraffe Planters (12) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Ornamental Vase: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Ornamental Pot (13) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
White Dish: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Side Board Decor Bowl (17) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Floor Candles: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Fire place Decor (17) – Secret Garden , Mainstore
Fireplace Top Decor: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Candles, stag & books (15) – Secret Garden , Mainstore