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As you saw previously, I posted a blog with an outfit set for the Neo-Japan Event. Now, I’m going to give you even more good stuff to go and get. This was the collection I wore for my last walk in the Neo-Japan fashion show through the Miss SL Organization. Nanao has a cute and well-designed dress that is up for grabs. The dress is a strapless short style that has a high side-slit that is secured with a single strap of ribbon. There is also a large bow on the upper right side that offsets the asymmetrical front style design. The dress comes in 5 colors with a black base and a fan that has a black base as well with the ability to customize the outer edges between 9 colors. There is also a HUD for the bento animations on the fan that you can choose between 2 different static poses, 2 animated poses that fan you at a slow or fast speed. The poses are not overridden by ao’s or model posing. You can also not use any posing and just keep them off via the HUD. Next up is a bold and statement-making new hair from Monso. This hair has a tapered front that is offset by a higher right side that tucks neatly behind your ear. The hair comes in 4 sizes with bangs that can be worn separately. You can color between 32 colors in the Black/Red HUD, 32 colors in the Brown/Blonde HUD, and 32 colors in the Mix/Pop color HUD. Now, there is another really cool HUD called Two Tone. So, if you pick whatever color using the other HUD’s and then pick a color on this one, like the image below, you’ll see you get one heck of customization in colors. Cool right! Okay, and last but certainly never least is a rocking new headpiece accessory from Zibska. This headpiece is pretty wild and was so much fun to play with. The headpiece comes with the main headpiece, an upper and lower orbit, a headpiece orbit, and left and right bird that sits on your shoulder. You can color each of these pieces between 14 colors. You can copy pieces and move them all around to make this customized to whatever suits your styling. All of these releases are definitely worth the trip to grab ?

Neo-Japan Event: March 26th – April 16th


Full Credits & Links

Dress: NANAO // Nunu Kimono – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Headpiece: Zibska Raban Headpiece – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Necklace: FAKEICON / mary gems collar – Mainstore
Bracelet: amias – BRIDIE bracelets – Mainstore
Hair: [monso] Moni Hair – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Eyeshadow: The Crow Ink Art – OUIJA FACE TATTOO – Mainstore
Lipstick: The Crow Ink Art – OUIJA FACE TATTOO – Mainstore
Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – Love Bleeds – Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka EvoX Ceylon

Background: .PALETO.Backdrop: Nagoya – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Birds: Zibska Raban Headpiece – Neo-Japan , Mainstore
Fan: NANAO // Cyber Fan – Neo-Japan , Mainstore

Pose: Custom