Holiday Fine Dining

{Why Not ?} is the first sponsor of mine that is kicking off the holiday season this year with a truly incredible set of releases. I personally liked them both so much that I hit them together. Not only can you swing by the Mainstore and grab this incredible dining room set, but you can also grab a pretty awesome decor item of balloons and streamers that fits perfectly above the table to add that bit of extra flare for your guests. Like all other releases from this Designer, the quality and detail is truly incredible. The table comes with 8 chairs but of course, if you don’t need that many, you can just delete a few and re-arrange the others to fit whatever theme you’re going for in your home. But, with this set, you’re going to want to pack that table full!  The ballons come exactly as you se them in the first image below. Lots of color, glitter, ribbons and all creatively made to be an awesome addition to your dining room. The table has a menu option with access to 27 different props ranging from dinners, christmas, breakfast, individual food items, wine and more. The chairs have a menu option that is accessed via the table that allows you to change the cushions between 7 fabric colors. The chairs themselves have a menu that activates when you sit that allows you to choose between 5 female poses, 5 male poses, 6 dining poses and 4 drinking poses. I couldn’t take a picture of absolutely everything, that would make this blog painfully long, so, you are just going to have to get it and check it out yourself. It’s worth it, I promise ?

Full Credits & Links

Building: Scarlet Creative St Paul – Mainstore
Table: {Why Not ?}Kilmory Dining Table 8 Seat – Mainstore
Chairs: {Why Not ?}Kilmory Dining Chair – Mainstore
Balloons: {Why Not?} Kilmory Christmas Ceiling Decor – Mainstore
Pugs: [Black Bantam] Party Pooper Pug Hat – Mainstore
Large Dog: [Rezz Room] Beagle Adult Animesh – Mainstore
Laying Dog: Foxwood – Little Lady – Ssleep Decor – Mainstore
Cat: [Black Bantam] Bengal Kitten Pose 2 – Mainstore
Cabinet & Decor: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Side Board – Mainstore
Multiple Picture Frame: {Why Not ?} Alness Art Shelf – Mainstore
Large Picture: {Why Not ?} Alness Wall Art – Mainstore
Plants: {Why Not ?} Glenearn Basket Plant – Mainstore