Space Bunny

[[ Masoom ]] got extra playful and fun at this months round of The Cyber Fair. I am not even sure I have words to describe how awesome this new set is. Typically, I’m not a sci-fi kind of person and honestly, I can’t tell the difference between trek and wars, yes yes I know, shameful, but that should tell you just how epic this release is cause I loveeee it! and so much so, I think it’s going to hit the runway with me at the annual cyber space show we do every year. So, this outfit has so many customizations it’ll make your head spin in all the best ways. Of course, if you only buy single packs of these pieces you can still customize them a bit but you get extra surprises if you snatch up the fatpack. So, the set includes a pretty sexy one piece suit, a pair of thigh highs with a rocking pair of new age space boots built in, a pair of gloves and some really awesome bunny ears with a visor to adorn your head. The suit changes between 12 colors for the main portion, the metal, the sides and the glow. In the fatpack version there is an additional 6 colors to choose from. You can adjust the glow intensity between 00 and 30 or just toggle it on or off via the HUD. There is also a Neon HUD for the suit that has 12 color options, you can alter the speed from slow, med and fast and also turn the direction forwards or backwards as well as turning the animation on or off. You can also change the intensity of the lights from low, med to high. I have included an animated Gyazo on this blog so you can see what portion this HUD changes and what it actually looks like in movement. The gloves change in the main portion between 12 colors as well as the arm piece and the glow band area. In the fatpack version there is an additional 6 colors. You can also alter the glow intensity from 00 to 30. The boots change in the leg area, front, metals, middle and the glow between 12 colors with an additional 6 colors for the fatpack version. You can change the glow intensity between 00 and 30 or just turn it on or off via the HUD. The headpiece changes in both metal areas, the glass and the glow between 12 colors and an additional 6 colors in the fatpack version as well as being able to change the transparency on the glass between 00 and 30 and the glow intensity of the headpiece between 00 and 30. There is also the option to turn the visor itself on or of via the HUD.

Cyber Fair Event: September 1st – September 26th

Full Credits & Links

Outfit: [[ Masoom ]] Cyber Bunny Suit – Cyber Fair , Mainstore
Headpiece: [[ Masoom ]] Cyber Bunny Headset – Cyber Fair , Mainstore
Neck Snake: Fika – Mecha Cobra Metal – Mainstore
Gloves: [[ Masoom ]] Cyber Bunny Glove – Cyber Fair , Mainstore
Shoes: [[ Masoom ]] Cyber Bunny Boots – Cyber Fair , Mainstore
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tsukiko hair – Mainstore
Eyeshadow 1: Rubedo – fabienne – Mainstore
Eyeshadow 2: XS Primal EvoX Ocean Shoreline
Lipstick: Kimmy Kleb Lipstick Gloss Diamonds – Mainstore
Body Tattoo’s: Freya Cyber Woman
Body: Maitreya
Head: Lelutka EvoX Ceylon

Background: Supernova – Cyber Nights – The Bearded Guy – Mainstore
Space Bunny: BONDI – Space Plushies – Gen Rabbit – Mainstore
Sabers: Diversion – Light Saber – Mainstore
Cables: Black Cats poses – Cables pose 3 – Mainstore

Pose: Diversion – Cyber War – Mainstore