God Is A Woman

FashionNatic is without a doubt going to blow your mind at this months round of the Cosmopolitan Event. This new release is definitely a lot of fun and I personally really enjoyed styling this one. So of course if you snatch up the big fatpack version of this you’re going to get a whole lot of awesome options. So, this set comes with the really sexy romper that has a belt that perfectly wraps around your waist and the way the panties attach to the rest of the outfit give a really unique opening at the sides. I could gush about this foreverrrr but we’ll move on to the other pieces of the outfit such as the Katana that is perfectly situated behind the back and it actually took me a bit to notice, cause’ I’m quick like that lol but the katanas on the handle, it actually is scripted and when you change the color of it, the handle has a progressive light that goes up and down in the color that you choose. Definitely something to watch out for cause’ it’s pretty great. This set also comes with an unrigged mask so you can go all ninja like and adjust it to perfectly fit your face. And the bots, these are some sexxxyyy boots for sure. They go up to your things and have a fishnet top to them with a spiked heel. Of course, like all FashionNatic products, I don’t think I could ever brag enough about the incredible detail that goes into these designs and the textures are just amazing and each piece just hugs your body so well it’s like it’s a part of you for sure. Neeed to grab this one ladies ? The bodysuit and belt can be changed between 50 solid colors and 30 print options. The katana can be colored between 50 colors for the main and 26 colors for the inside portion of the handle. The mask can be colored between the same 50 colors as well plus 40 print options. The boots can be colored between 50 solid colors and 15 print options. The katana and boots are sold as their own fatpacks at a discounted price so make sure you don’t miss those because they really do add to the incredible design of this whole set.

Cosmopolitan Event: October 5th – October 18th

Full Credits & Links

Bodysuit: FashionNatic – GRACELYN Bodysuit – Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Katana: FashionNatic – GRACELYN Katana Sword- Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Shoes: FashionNatic – GRACELYN Boots- Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Rosier – Mainstore
Eyeshadow 1: ALMA Makeup – Geisha- Mainstore
Eyeshadow 2: WarPaint* Scintillance eyeshadow- Mainstore
Mask: FashionNatic – GRACELYN Mask- Cosmopolitan , Mainstore
Ring: AvaWay VENERA Ring- Mainstore
Body: Maitreya
Head: Catwa Catya

Background: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – God Is A Woman- Mainstore
Katana: Included With Pose
White Tiger: JIAN Tiger Roar- Mainstore
Orange Tiger: JIAN Tiger- Mainstore
Jaguar: [Manticore] Jaguar- Mainstore

Pose: !R.O! Vigorous BENTO Pose- Mainstore